Slots of Vegas Blog 5 Invincible Tips on How to Win at Craps

1) Place the five or nine to lose

In this bet, you put down $8.00 and bet that the numbers above will lose. Why? The house edge on this type of bet is low – only 2.5% so when the 7 shows (again, that happens often), you’ll win $5.00.

2) Lay against the 4 or 10

This tip is similar to the place the 6 or 8 to lose but the payouts are much higher. In this case you take the more “optimistic” approach and place $41 on the table and say “Lay against the 4 (or 10).” If you win, you get paid out $20!

3) Place the six or eight to lose

This tip is extremely easy and virtually foolproof! Place a $5.00 bet on the table and announce “6 (or 8) to lose.” Why? If the seven shows (which is a very high frequency number) then you win $4.00 as the house edge is only 1.82%.

4) Place the Six or Eight

When you’re playing in multiples of $6.00 (or the currency of your choice), place the six or 8 place-to-win bet. Why? The casino has only a 1.52% edge which means that you’ll be paid out seven dollars when the number hits (and easy profit every time)!

5) The Odds Rules: When to pass and come and when not to

The rule of thumb is as follows: Put the smallest amount on the “don’t pass” or the “don’t come” and the largest amount behind it. Why? Simple. The house edge is on the don’t pass/don’t come bets but the player has the advantage on the odds bets. Next, the second rule of thumb also applied to this type of common craps bet. The house edge is on the pass line and the come line but the player again, has the advantage on the odds portion of the bets.