Scratch Cards Rules

Many love them, many have played them but few know how Scratch Cards were initiated. Scratch cards became popular when numerous states in the USA began using them in their state lotteries in the 1980s. However, online scratch cards are comparatively new to the online gambling industry. Since gambling online is about expediency and ease, it’s understandable that scratch cards are now offered on online casinos. Online scratch cards are virtual versions of the cards someone purchases at their local grocery store or news stand. But there’s nothing virtual about the cash a person can win playing scratch cards online.

All the bells and whistles associated with online casino graphics are there for the players entertainment too. Online scratch card rules are pretty much equal to paper scratch cards; except just think of cyberspace. You buy a card and scratch away the surface to expose the hidden symbols underneath. The right combination of symbols makes the buyer a scratch card winner.

Online Scratch Card rules:

The player must first place their wager. Once they have placed a Scratch Card wager there are two steps to take.

1. Click the new card symbol.
2. Scratch away the surface to show the hidden symbols. A player can accomplish this by using the mouse pointer and virtually scratching the card or click the show card button. This will scratch the entire card at one time.

In order for the player to win an online Scratch Card game, they must have three of the same symbol on the card. The Scratch Card game rules for winning consist of 3 symbols that are alike the player then wins their full bet. If they have three 2X symbols they win twice their bet. If there are three 5X symbols on the card the player wins five times their bet. If there are three 10X or 20X symbols revealed on the scratch card the player winds 20 times their wager. Normally the times (X) factor goes up to 50X. If a player wins at playing Scratch Card, they instantaneously win a prize comparable to the amount of their bet multiplied by the value of the winning symbol. Online Scratch Cards have high prizes and today thousands of individuals prefer online Scratch Cards as the best way to play them.