Casino Brands Offer Skill Games and Bonuses

With more online casinos offering not just casino games but also sports books, poker and bingo rooms, etc., some of them having "games" or "skill games" section too. At first glance this seems redundant - after all, it's a casino, it's full of games, so why the need for a separate games area? Well, this is where online casinos offer some of their best light entertainment as an addition or even an alternative to the main casino floor.
Simple Play

Although there's some overlap between casino games and skill games (for example, slots) skills games generally don't require the preceding knowledge you need to succeed in certain casino games. For example, you might find skill games with a poker theme, but many of them don't require the level knack you need to do well in poker. You'll also find online scratch cards: a fun and quick way to play online without too much strategy involved.

Bet365 Games

One such skills games donor (although there several!) is Bet365. Anyone with a Bet365 account has access to bet365 Games and can dump or transfer money easily to his or her Games account. Once you do, you'll have access to the following out of Bet365's massive repertoire:

Slots (includes: Mr. Cash back, Top Trumps Celebs, Beach Life)
Sports and skill games (includes: Euro 2012, Bulls eye, Virtual World Cup)
Table games (includes: Poker Dice, Pinball, Lucky Star)
Scratch cards (Includes: Lucky Charms, Golden Fortune, Love Birds)