5 Slot Machine Secrets to Win

Casinos, especially land-based ones, are designed to make you feel like a winner, even if you are setting foot inside one without knowing any slot machine secrets. From the second you walk in, you are bombarded with the sights and sounds of people winning at the slots. Blaring sirens, flashing lights, and the jingle of coins dropping from what seems like the sky fill with the air.

But these are not just for show. These are the things to see and sounds of real people actually winning. So, what are their slot machine secrets? What do they know that you don’t?

In land-based casinos, there are all kinds of slot machine secrets that die-hard slot machine players follow—things like playing the casino three rows from an entrance, or never touching a slot machine that’s closest to the restroom.

Take benefit of bonuses

The only thing better than winning a huge jackpot is winning it with someone else’s money. Before you hit the slots with your own cash, find out if the online casino you are playing at offers a deposit bonus exclusively for slots. Sometimes the bonus can give you more to play with, and that means more chances to pop a jackpot in the game.

Switch your betting pattern

If you are betting one credit every single spin, we’ve got a slot machine secret for you: You won’t win as much if you hit it big . So consider playing the most number of credits allowed per spin. If you are not comfortable risking it all, alternate between betting a single credit and betting the max.

Turn Auto spin on

Want to win faster? Then you need to play faster. Hit Auto spin and your slot machine will take care of spinning again for you after each gain or loss. The slot machine will use the same number of credits you last selected as well as the same pay lines you last chose to lock in your bet.

On second thought, turn Autospin off

Not winning with Autospin on? Then maybe it’s time to slow things down. Just like mixing up your betting mold, mixing up your speed of play is one slot machine secret that some big winners have found success in.

Go with your guts

Sometimes you just get a gut feeling that says, “This slot machine is cold, walk away,” or “This slot machine is on fire, I need to stick around.” Despite all the slot machine secrets or rules you might follow in casino, sometimes letting your intuition overrule everything is the best call.